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Scrap gold, whether its broken jewelry, unwanted coins, or incomplete jewelry sets are sold in a much different way than most other kinds of gold and jewelry.  There are scrap gold buyers out there that specialize in scrap metals and will give you the best offer for your items, but they are difficult to find.  For this very reason, the TopOnline team has put together reviews and information designed to help you, the customer, make an informed decision before selling your scrap gold.

Because scrap gold is purchased almost entirely on the refined value of the gold, some buyers will attempt to give you less than you deserve for your items, which makes finding a reputable scrap gold buyer essential to getting the most for your gold.


CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessCustomer ReviewsCheck Preview
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrs5 star rating
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express gold cash check
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$5000$32.55A20 Day2 yrs5 star rating
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just sell gold check
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$1000$26.51A+10 Day11 yrs4.5 star review
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gold fellow check
Gold Buyer currently under review
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$100$24.16B+10 Day2 yrs4 star review
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gold cash check
Gold Stash for Cash
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$1000$18.67A+12 Day19 yrs3.5 star review
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gold stash check
Gold Pal
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$100$20.78NA10 Day2 yrs3.5 star review
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gold pal USA check
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$100$18.01NA10 Day3 yrs2.5 star review
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get gold cash check
My Gold Envelope
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$100$15.24F10 Day3 yrs1 star review
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my gold envelope check
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$100$11.09A10 Day10 yrs1.5 star review
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broken gold check


What is Scrap Gold?

Most people have scrap gold laying around the house that they don’t have any use for and don’t even know it.  Scrap gold is really just any gold object that is broken, incomplete (ex. is a single earring), or just unused.

These come in all shapes and sizes from broken necklaces, single earrings, or old coin collections that have been untouched for years.  There are actually scrap gold buyers out there who specialize in purchasing this scrap gold from consumers and give them cash in exchange.  Usually these are buyers who have their own refinery and can melt down your unwanted gold and can give you what they call “melt-down” value for your gold.  This is based on the price that gold bars sell for in the open market.  Its always a good idea to ask gold buyers if they are giving you a refined value or if there is resale value in your gold items.

What is the Value of Scrap Gold?        

Just like we briefly mentioned above, the TopOnline team commonly classifies “scrap gold” as all gold and objects where the resale value is equal to the refined value.  This means that if you have a single gold earring it is obviously useless for someone to wear, so the only value is in the actual gold that the earring is made of.

This is different than things like necklaces or bracelets because there is additional value in the art that went into making them.  Those items are usually worth a little bit more because of this fact.  Finding the best buyer is simply finding the company that offers the most value for their service.


The TopOnline team is working hard to add in specific “scrap gold buyer” reviews shortly where customers will be able to find out which companies offer the best services specifically for scrap gold, as opposed to other gold objects.  With the limited data that we’ve collected, the best buyers right now are Express Gold and Just Sell Gold, which we attribute to both companies having on-site refineries which significantly cuts down refinement costs.  With this, they are able to offer customers much more for their gold.


About Our Cash for Gold Buyer Experiment:

We sent identical packages of scrap gold to 10 different cash for gold companies. We then scanned in the checks to see who paid the most for our gold. You can view the checks right on the review pages. Also, we reported BBB ratings, years in business, and insurance rates so you’ve got all the information you need to pick the best cash for gold company for you.

CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessWebsite
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrsVisit Now!


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