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sell your old silver jewelry

Do you have unwanted gold and silver jewelry sitting around the house that you never wear? If it doesn’t hold much significance for you anymore and is just collecting dust, now is a great time to take advantage of high precious metal prices and trade them in for cash. It’s a safe, easy way to get a little more spending money.

Not all Cash for Gold companies can be trusted. I’m sure you’ve heard about the scams out there, which is why our review website is a great tool to evaluate the trustworthiness of jewelry buyers and compare prices to make sure that you get the best deal for your gold that you can.

CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessCustomer ReviewsCheck Preview
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrs5 star rating
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express gold cash check
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$5000$32.55A20 Day2 yrs5 star rating
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just sell gold check
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$1000$26.51A+10 Day11 yrs4.5 star review
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gold fellow check
Gold Buyer currently under review
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$100$24.16B+10 Day2 yrs4 star review
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gold cash check
Gold Stash for Cash
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$1000$18.67A+12 Day19 yrs3.5 star review
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gold stash check
Gold Pal
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$100$20.78NA10 Day2 yrs3.5 star review
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gold pal USA check
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$100$18.01NA10 Day3 yrs2.5 star review
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get gold cash check
My Gold Envelope
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$100$15.24F10 Day3 yrs1 star review
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my gold envelope check
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$100$11.09A10 Day10 yrs1.5 star review
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broken gold check


The Cash for Gold companies we review buy all of the following types of gold jewelry:

  • Gold & Silver Necklaces
  • Gold & Silver Bracelets
  • Gold & Silver Rings
  • Gold & Silver Watches
  • Gold & Silver Earrings
  • Gold & Silver Coins
  • Gold Dust
  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Flatware
  • Dental Gold


cash for gold and silver

Not only do they buy gold and silver, but these companies are experts in all types of special metals. If your jewelry also contains platinum, diamonds, or other gems, the experts will pay you for your valuable gems… you’ll get all the cash you deserve!

All our top ranked companies are experienced jewelers and have amazing customer service records (A BBB Ratings), because they are experienced and know exactly how to value your gold professionally.

About Our Cash for Gold Buyer Experiment:

We sent identical packages of gold to 10 different cash for gold companies. We then scanned in the checks to see who paid the most for our gold. You can view the checks right on the review pages. Also, we reported BBB ratings, years in business, and insurance rates so you’ve got all the information you need to pick the best cash for gold company for you.

CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessWebsite
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrsVisit Now!


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