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The biggest fear of people looking to sell gold is that they are going to get scammed and lose everything…and 10 years ago this may have been the case.  However, with review sites like this one, we tracking the dealings of each of the major gold companies and provide you, the consumer, with everything that you need to know.  With this information you will be able to make an informed decision about which of these companies is the best gold buyer.

What you will see below is a chart outlining the best gold buyers that we’ve found, along with the exact amount of money (and even a picture of the check) that they gave us for the items that we sent in.


CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessCustomer ReviewsCheck Preview
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrs5 star rating
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express gold cash check
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$5000$32.55A20 Day2 yrs5 star rating
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just sell gold check
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$1000$26.51A+10 Day11 yrs4.5 star review
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gold fellow check
Gold Buyer currently under review
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$100$24.16B+10 Day2 yrs4 star review
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gold cash check
Gold Stash for Cash
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$1000$18.67A+12 Day19 yrs3.5 star review
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gold stash check
Gold Pal
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$100$20.78NA10 Day2 yrs3.5 star review
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gold pal USA check
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$100$18.01NA10 Day3 yrs2.5 star review
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get gold cash check
My Gold Envelope
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$100$15.24F10 Day3 yrs1 star review
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my gold envelope check
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$100$11.09A10 Day10 yrs1.5 star review
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broken gold check

When selecting the best gold buyer to use, there are loads of other factors associated with a successful customer experience aside from just how much money they give.  Below we have highlighted a few of these differences that will help separate each of these dealers from the others.



The insurance associated with gold buyers is primarily attributed to the shipping risks, or the possibility that an item is lost in transit.  Now, this is a very very rare occurrence for an item to be lost in the mail as packages are much more durable and easy to track than regular letters but regardless, there is a certain amount of insurance that each company provides which should be considered.  Sometimes people are sending in thousands of dollars worth of jewelry or scrap gold and its important to make sure that these items are properly insured.

From the summary of the user data that we have compiled, most packages average a value of approximately $185, so we recommend that all users select a gold buyer with a minimum of $1,000 worth of insurance.



The guarantee that each company gives to sellers is essentially the amount of time that they have to “reject” the offer.  At any point within that range the seller has the right to call and cancel the purchase, and the company will send back your merchandise and cancel the check payment to stop the order.

Finding a company with the proper guarantee is essential because what most customers do not realize is that it takes longer than expected to even make a decision.  Several companies have only 5-7 day “guarantee periods” which makes it problematic for customers because it might take 3-4 days for the offer to arrive in the mail.  If you then receive the offer on a Friday, and you can not call until Monday, it might be day 6 or 7 before you are able to call in and reject the offer.

The TopOnline team strongly suggests a minimum of a 10 day guarantee period, but believes that the best gold buyers are the companies with the 20-30 day guarantees.


Delivery Speed

The speed at which customers receive quotes/payment varies widely from company to company, and is something that the TopOnline team is looking to include in our reviews in the near future.  Our initial research shows that the best gold buyers in terms of delivery speed are Express Gold and Just Sell Gold, which is not all that surprising because they seem to be a very solid, well-run company in many aspects of their business.  Delivery speed is something that we recommend customers to ask about on the phone when requesting information to help them determine the best option to use to sell their unwanted gold.

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