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Gold prices are near an all-time high and more and more Americans are looking to get cash by selling old, broken or unwanted gold jewelry, watches, and even gold fillings. As a result of this heightened interest, cash for gold companies are popping up all over the place. But who will treat you the best and give you the best price?

We put the 10 most popular online cash for gold buyers to the test. We sent identical gold packages to each company, consisting of 6.6 dwt (pennyweights) of 14k gold. Then, we rated each company based on:

– Payout. You can see the ACTUAL checks we received on the company review pages, and the payouts are listed below.

– BBB Rating. Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, consumer reviews, and experience in the industry.

– Customer Service. We called each cash for gold company to see how well they treated their customers.

CompanyInsurancePrice Per DWTBBB RatingGuaranteeYears in BusinessCustomer ReviewsCheck Preview
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$5000$34.86A+30 Day12 yrs5 star rating
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express gold cash check
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$5000$32.55A20 Day2 yrs5 star rating
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just sell gold check
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$1000$26.51A+10 Day11 yrs4.5 star review
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gold fellow check
Gold Buyer currently under review
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$100$24.16B+10 Day2 yrs4 star review
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gold cash check
Gold Stash for Cash
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$1000$18.67A+12 Day19 yrs3.5 star review
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gold stash check
Gold Pal
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$100$20.78NA10 Day2 yrs3.5 star review
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gold pal USA check
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$100$18.01NA10 Day3 yrs2.5 star review
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get gold cash check
My Gold Envelope
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$100$15.24F10 Day3 yrs1 star review
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my gold envelope check
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$100$11.09A10 Day10 yrs1.5 star review
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broken gold check

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We take the guesswork out of selling your gold!

Everything you need to know about selling your cash for gold online can be found right here. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact usand we will be happy to assist you as best we can.

All gold buying prices are subject to change and you may find these results inaccurate yourselves, but from a recent anonymous survey carried out amongst the major gold buying companies, these were the results:

Find out all you need to know about the most popular companies providing a gold and jewelry buying service.

There are an ever increasing number of companies out there who are offering to buy your gold for cash. Here at Top Online Gold Buyers, we’ll try and give you some valuable information and reviews for these companies to help you to choose which one you’re best off selling your used or unwanted gold to.

We also hope that you will help us and others by writing your own short reviews of any of the cash for gold companies that you have used and give them a rating to help others decide who they’ll use to turn their own gold in to cash.

What is “Cash for Gold”?
The Cash for Gold service is a way for you to earn cash by selling your old, broken, or mismatched gold jewelry to local and online gold buyers.

How do I sell my gold jewelry online?
Most cash for gold buyers will send you a prepaid gold kit in the mail for free. The kit normally comes with a puncture proof bag and an envelope or box that has a tamper proof security seal.

How safe is it? I don’t want my jewelry getting lost!
It is a common practice for cash for gold buyers to insure their packages for up to $1,000. This protects your jewelry from incidents such as theft, accidental damage, or being lost in transit.

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