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Posted on June 28, 2012


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Overview is an extremely legitimate, company based in high integrity. The company has been a BBB accredited business since October 2009 and has NO recorded unresolved complaints on record. Even though they have been in business for lesser number of years as compared to few other competitors, they have built up a reputation for fair business dealings.


All packages are insured for $1000, something not normally seen in the competition. lists what it pays per DWT of gold on its website. It is one of the few companies to do so. claims to pay up to 3 Times More than other online gold buyers. There are a few websites whose listed price is higher than has received an A minus from the Better Business Bureau.


If you’re looking for a secure, safe and convenient experience when selling your gold, look no further. is devoted to serving its sellers.


Check received from Sell Your Gold for 6.6 DWT of 14K Gold.

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by Rafael A Suarez on Top Online Gold Buyers
So, So

I sent my gold items to them as they instructed. I received an email to call for my offer, which I thought was very low. I told the agent to return the items. I was placed on hold and then offered doubled than what I was originally offered. Well to say the least, that bothered me even more, if you are going to make a viable offer, then why not make the offer to start with. I politely said no, just return my gold. Two days later, I received a call from the agent that was about to ship my gold back to make me yet another offer before returning the gold, this was three times as high as the original offer, once again I declined and requested my gold be returned. My gold was returned. Their customer service was very good but I was left with a very unpleasant feeling as they changed their offer three different times each time increasing the offer. So, from my experience, their first offer is always a rip off, stick to your guns and keep fighting for more money because it seems they just low ball you on their offers.

Rip-off company

I accepted their offer for some dental gold I sent to them at the price they "guaranteed." They quickly sent me money to my PayPal account; however, when I checked the amount they sent me, it was nearly 5% less than the amount they promised. I went to complain on the FB page, but they set up their page so you cannot message or post your gripe.

by They don't pay more for diamonds! on Top Online Gold Buyers

I emailed customer service before sending my jewelry to you. I asked if brand names (Rolex, Tiffany's, etc) wound increase the offer from SYG based on the added value. I also asked if SYG bought jewels (diamond, sapphire, etc) again, adding value to my offer.I was told, IN WRITING (?!), that NO value is added to the offer for diamonds or other jewels, occasionally they will be included in the overall weight of the gold. That is the only way that a diamond could increase an offer.... by adding weight.The website is misleading because it says that they buy gold and silver AND diamonds/sapphires too. They make it look like they are giving you an offer based on the total value of the items you sell, but in reality that diamond (worth $1000) would only bring in an additional $20-$40 based on weight and the total number of tens received.This is why they do not send an itemized offer letter, you just get a SYG buy it now price. I weighed every piece of gold before I shipped my first packet. I calculated the market value (of that day and the offer date) based on weight and karat. I took was looking for 40-50% of the value in an offer from SYG, GMA supposedly said SYG paid out the most money and you could expect 70-80%. Well my offer was 10-15%. But I took it because I needed the money, less than $250. I'm sure that most people selling gold or silver through a "we buy gold" scam are desperate for cash, just like I was.I'm just glad that I was warned beforehand that they do not pay for diamonds, etc - just the weight of the gold. I had a ring that I sold locally for $450. If I had sent it to SYG I would have made next to nothing!

by Marianne on Top Online Gold Buyers
I eventually did get an almost fair …

I eventually did get an almost fair price for the gold I remitted. The "first offer" I received was excessively low- below 1/3 of the price I finally received. I had done my homework, knew how many ounces there were in total, and found websites that allowed me to convert to the "jewelers" terminology and calculate based on the rates at the moment of what a fair offer was. It was a bit of work but had I not known to do that, and just accepted the offer I was given, I would have been out 2/3+ of the price I received. After some discussion back and forth, I received an email that had a photo of each item on the scale, and a total. I kept asking, well how much weight did you arrive at for the items submitted? My suggestion is don't include any silver-it's basically nearly worthless- and that if you stick to one thing at a time, its easier and simpler to arrive at the market value. Once you get them to tell you the "weight" then you can find a conversion chart online. They will want to give you a % off the days market price, but if the market prices are rising, don't be afraid to push back for more. This is a negotiation. It's not set in stone. I probably could have pushed for more. Don't get into a corner where you need to take that offer on the spot. I did get the check. I waited. I didn't want to give them my bank account info. Would you?? God knows who they are.

I would not recommend this company

I would not recommend this company. I sent a entire sack of gold and silver and when I was quoted in the $20 range I ask for a break down of what they valued my items at so I could see if I was getting ripped off. I ask twice with no response.

by Alarm Permit on Top Online Gold Buyers
Sent $1000 worth if gold & platinum

Sent $1000 worth if gold & platinum, they made me NO offer, they stuck $300 in my bank with No Contact at all.

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