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Posted on July 27, 2012

Gold jewelryIn order not to get scammed when you sell gold filled jewelry and scrap, you have to know where to sell them to. More than any pawnshop or jewelry in town, an online gold buyer will pay the most for gold-filled items per troy ounce.

When you sell gold filled pieces, you will be paid by the pennyweight and there are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce. Now, a troy ounce is not the same metric ounce we learned about in school. That ounce is an accumulation of 28 grams, but a troy ounce measures 31.1 grams. This may seem confusing, but don’t let it boggle you. There are gold calculators that will help you figure out just how much your gold weighs by the pennyweight, or DTW, when you enter how many grams you have, removing all of the guess work.

Items that are gold filled are marked with a stamp similar to this: 1/20 14K or 14KGF. If the simple stamp ‘GF’ is used, the weight is not required. Gold-filled means the piece has an overlay of 10K gold or better bonded to a metal base by means of heat and pressure. The weight of the gold must be at least 1/20th of the total weight of the metal, by Federal standards. When you sell gold filled jewelry and scrap, the higher the karat measure, the more gold in the item, the more you get paid. Karat should not to be confused with the weight of the item; it is simply the purity of the gold in the item.

Express Gold Cash has been buying gold, silver and platinum since 1998 and has maintained a first-rate service record. This is reaffirmed by their accreditation by the BBB as a trustworthy and reliable gold buyer. They have remained committed to paying the highest prices for pennyweights of gold since their conception.

While a great many gold buyers will only pay 10-30% of your gold’s value, Express Gold Cash knocks it out of the park, paying up to 95%. This is a very significant difference in price. No pawnshop or ‘we buy gold’ store will even come close to matching their price when you sell gold filled items. Because they are a company with integrity and compassion towards the feelings and regard you may have linked to your jewelry, they reward you greatly for it and even give you ample time to have your jewelry returned to you, just in case you have second thoughts.

Sometimes, it is not easy to sell gold filled jewelry that you once loved and adored. Express Gold Cash will leave the window open so that if you have a change of heart, you can return your payment and get it back. They will even send you a bonus check for $20.00 with your belongings.

You can call Express Gold Cash at 877-465-3165 during Eastern Standard business hours or chat with an expert 24 hours a day at their website.


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