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Posted on November 8, 2013

How To Sell Gold OnlineLike selling your gold jewelry, gold jewelry is another option that allows you to easily make money through an online gold buyer. With higher payouts than jewelers and pawnshops, along with a very quick and convenient process, selling gold online is your best option. The main reason for people not doing this is that they are unaware of how to sell gold online and do not know where to begin. Read below to find out everything you need to know about the process of selling gold online.


Before selling your gold, be sure to find a gold buyer that will suit what you are looking for out of the transaction. While some people look to pawnshops to sell gold and jewelry, this will not earn you nearly as much cash for gold. Some people may turn to pawnshops and jewelers because they are uncomfortable selling gold online, but these are very trusted organizations that we have worked with multiple times. By using an online gold buyer, you will get you more money without leaving your home. Higher payouts come from the fact that unlike pawnshops, online gold buyers specialize in buying gold and have experienced graders along with other resources. Here are some of the factors that may influence you to choose one gold buyer over another:

Shipping Method
Insurance Amount
Return Policies
Years In Business
Customer Reviews


Once you have found the gold buyer that you are going to sell gold to, you will need to request a shipping label. This is usually done by filling out a simple form on the buyer’s website. The shipping label can be printed or mailed to your home and will allow you to send your gold in at no cost to you. Now you can carefully package your gold in an envelope or box and make sure that they will not get damaged during shipping. Send the package to the gold buyer and wait to be contacted with their valuation.


If you have done some research on the gold buyer that you are working with, then you will have an idea of how long it will take before you are contacted, but it should be within just a few days. The gold will be assessed upon arriving and an expert will have a valued placed on your items. Once the gold buyer has contacted you with their offer, you can deny it and have your items returned, or accept the offer and decide on how you want to get paid depending on what they offer.

This is the process of how to sell gold online. Despite each gold buyer offering different features to its customers, you can still expect a relatively similar process from each one. As I said earlier, it is important to research the gold buyers and find one that will fit what you are looking for out of the transaction.

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